BOB server up

are two days that we join in this server and find it very interesting for flying with squadron, the server support 64 players and ping is good

we enter with SEOW mod on

for open/close bomb bay you must set a key at voice: power 10%

You are talking about the BoB1940_by_LW10 server? I went in with the Unified Installer with the BoB map, Spitfire 1A and 109 E-1 added to that.

Only had problems with connection time out once (like many others? - sunday). The numbers went down from 51 to 12. Could connect later without problems.

I don’t know about the bomb doors, so remind me about which planes we are talking.

I have flown on this server a couple of times using the ITA SEOW mod with no problems.

LW10 are the guys we flew against in the SE Norway campaign, good guys and probably a good server for us to join before or after our SE as we are modded ready for it.

Bomb bay it work on h111 and maybe other that have internal bombs

dunno about timeout i’ve use SEOW configuration only

what you need

if someone is going to fly there, tell me… alone its quite difficult…