Beaufighters of 455 Squadron - Movie finished!

Well, 3 weeks ago, 455RAAF_Bilbo asked for a clip of a Beaufighter. Hey, I thought I could do that pretty quickly seeing as my workload over at FH&C has tapered off.

I kinda got carried away and ended up extending this into a mini-movie with some help from EAF pilots, and aussie actors!

A tribute to 455 Squadron of the RAAF, based on historical events:

Beaufighters of 455 Squadron (thanks to Netwings for hosting)

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Very nice piece of work :slight_smile:

Now if you’ll please excuse my utter lack of knowledge concerning these things I have a question…

91 Members of 455Sqn never made it back, taken against the total ships (I’m counting all types listed) shown as sunk/destroyed which was 18, how many anti-shipping missions did they fly to achieve that tally? I’m assuming they flew other types of missions too?

I’m always curious to find out how real squadron statistics tally up against virtual squadrons in the scheme of things and if we as virtual pilots/crew would consider our performance to be good/average/poor based on real world numbers.

It’s a little morbid I guess :frowning:


Nice one Joe,

Hard to see the ships? We used braille to find them :wink:


I haven’t seen the movie yet (currently downloading) so I don’t know if this is entirely relevant but thought from your comments you might be interested.

This is a fantastic book about anti shipping missions from North Africa:

Very good read and tells of the amazing bravery of the pilots that flew the missions.

Edit Just watched the vid, good stuff as always Joe m8.

The book I mentioned is about anti shipping missions in a different theatre to this of course but should still give you an idea of survival rates etc and how they did in terms of ships sunk so still might be of interest to you.

Of course the armed rovers didn’t know where the ships would be, they flew about looking for them based on very rough intel most of the time.

Cheers :smiley:

Dano, I got most of the data and pics from

I only referred to 91 Australians not surviving, but there were a lot of other nationalities in 455 as well. I think there were 234 Australians who originally left Williamtown in 1941.

As to the North Africa campaign, there is one stat I know - 17.5% survived their first tour, 3% survived a second (actually, I made a movie about that too, a LONG time ago, with some help from Insight)

Oh this is a great movie, Joe!
It has great atmosphere and gives you the wish to start Il2 right now :wave: