Bear on leave

I’ll be on live for some times. On special mission over Atlantic Ocean, hunting for German U-Boots with my torpedo bomber…

Ehm… really Gran Canaria, relaxing at the sea, reading a lot of good books, eating good food, and having good time with my family.

Defeating the Axis it’s your job now, for a couple of days.
See you soon, my friends!

Have a great time.

have a good one bear, been to the canary islands a few years back on a surfing trip , was very nice time and great waves.

well im sure its not the waves you going for , still have a great time. :banana:

well im sure its not the waves you going for

This is true, at least for me. But my son is a surfer, and this is the real reason why we choose for Gran Canaria… :slight_smile:

S! Bear

I hope you enjoy you holidays and relaxed from this a while :slight_smile:

Have a great time m8 and cya soon

S! Bear

Have a nice holiday, and take care.

Hope that im up to date in my way in to flying again, when we meet again in HL. :slight_smile: