Back home :)

After 6 days in hospitol i’m back home again.
the surgery went very well and now i have a long way and time to recover.

6 weeks without not lifting more than 1 kg and no driving. and as you can understand no gaming either :frowning:

But i will be checking in here and follow all news of course.

S! all and keep up the flying

MAS!! :slight_smile:

Hey bro, great to see you back, and especially knowing that surgery went well :):slight_smile: So you will be in full condtition after the recovery?

Im very happy to have you back


happy to hear that!
don’t worry about your recover time. 6 weeks are very fast
my best whises Mas. hope to see you very soon in our skies.


first 6 weeks and then comes a long time to start build up my muscles again and i will be home until end of october.

so after 6 weeks i can start to swim and make more fysical movements.
3 months first of all then i hope to be back in 100 % again

Hej Mas!
Good to hear that everything went well! We miss you on the flying nights, but take care and let your body recover, we will all be here when you are ready.
Hope you can use the time for a lot of nice movies and books, but do pop in here and let us know how you are doing.

Best regards,

:w00t: Finally MAs :banana: And Welcome back m8…

I hope that you will have a very good recover… :slight_smile:


Yess Mas…great to see you back !! :smiley:

Take your time dear friend…so you’ll be ready for a great winter season…online…!! :smiley:

I’m really really really happy!!! :w00t::w00t::w00t:

Now take your time Mas. It’s really important you take rest to get a full recover. I can imagine that the next months will not be easy, but we are all with you!:slight_smile:

Good news Mas, I hope you have a speedy recovery. :slight_smile:

Hi Mas best of luck in your recovery and see you soon

You could fly gunner when you are feeling better and hit the trigger with something other than your hand? :slight_smile:


Great news Mas,

Hope the recovery goes as well :slight_smile:


Toppen Mas:)

Nice to hear that you are well, under the circumstances. Good luck with the following recovery. Your humour and good temper will make it easy I hope.


Good to hear everything went good :slight_smile:
I hope the recovering goes fast mate!

Happy to hear good news, Mas!!:w00t: Have a good recovery, take your time, m8!!

I’m very happy to hear that all was gone well!

Good recover Mate!

All the best from the UK Mas :o

Speedy recovery mate


Techy :cool:

Glad to hear it went well, get well soon.


hi där, hoppas jag dig gör en fartfylld återställningskompis :slight_smile:

min danish är litet mer väl:eek:

Fantastic news Mas, I hope you enjoy a speedy recovery.


Nice one Mas,

Get well soon - EAF needs every able-bodied flyer we can get!