AWI Scorched Earth 64s Campaign

Hello guys,
I drop in your forum as I saw some of yours having some connection issues on ITA-SEOW server.
If a such issues occurred, it only depends on something went wrong during the AWI MOD installation.
It is strongly recommended to install them on a 4.08m clean! and also you may want to have a distinct AWI MOD installation (I did so=).
Management of this mod is very light and simple -it need only a first activation of the basic pack (the “A” one) - but you are recommended not to jam this one with other mods. So you need of a dedicated installation.

For any issue, ask to Brigstock and Bear: I and 150GCT_Veltro will help them.

This is my mod installation. Compare with yours.

Hi Gross

Thanks for stopping by

Most of our issues are on the way to being resolved. Some were mod installation errors, others (including mine) we’re regarding confusion of the ITA-SEOW server’s status. Not realising it was a coop server in a df slot caused some confusion.

We’re on our way to being fully compatable

This is my mod installation. Compare with yours.

Very nice work Gross thanks!

Doing battle with the 1946 DVD as we speak :slight_smile: