Austin K2 "katy" Image Heavy

Started a new 3d project the other night, the intention being to speed up my modeling process.

Initialy blocking out the object using geometric primitives

Starting to cut out detail and do the texture workups

Still some way to go as i get better references, particular on the interior and chassis engine etc.

Textures pretty much finalised at this point ( all procedurals though, final baking will happen when the model is done )


forgot to say, polycount currently @ 2200 not including symetry objects and with no optimisation.


Very authentic indeed :cool:

Where’s the winch :slight_smile:

Very nice work Colin!

Is that ambulance the star of ‘Ice Cold In Alex’?

Blow me down on googling… I was only kidding but…

En route, the group meets with various obstacles including a minefield, a broken suspension spring (during its replacement, van der Poel’s great strength saves the group when he supports ‘Katy’ when the jack collapses
There’s a movie in this, they get strafed at one point I think. I can do Anthony Quayle and also quicksand :slight_smile:


Superb…! Is it a K2 that was in Ice Cold in Alex?

*edit: Cross posted with Ming. Note to self - I’m doomed if we’re thinking alike. :slight_smile:

Great Spor! why you don’t apply for Mod teram for BoB?

That is simply fantastic!:smiley:

Good work!

lol K


All who mentioned “ice cold in alex” hit the nail on the head, that was my prime reference with a little research on the web added.

Ming… winch ?.. dont recall seeing a winch…there is a section of the film where they hand crank the Katy up an incline from the quatar depresion.

As far as submitting it as a bob object, i will have to look into what the actual requirements for that are but it sounds an idea.


All who mentioned “ice cold in alex” hit the nail on the head

Keets plagiarised me :slight_smile:

(smiley after the winch, not being entirely serious)

Where’s the shovels :slight_smile:


That’s just amazingly good Sporran. Is there no end to your talent? I hope you do put it in BoB because 1, it would be great to see something in there by someone I know and 2, I want to drive that beauty. It’s like when you visit a war museum and you wish you could get inside stuff.

Crikey… missed this. What an amazing gift you have… excellent work mate!! :slight_smile: