Athlon X2 AM2 question....

Hi all,

OK, all my previous problems were finally tracked down to a dodgy motherboard. All is running pretty well now but . . . .

I have an Athlon X2 4800+ dual core processor and all over the net I read about a HOTFIX, and installing AMD drivers etc but many of them dat eback a couple of years…are these steps necessary; if so, which ones? Any good links would also be welcome!

Cheers amigos,


I may be wrong, but I think all the drivers are contained in windows updates ?

If not you really only need to use the optimiser at the top of this page, if any.,,30_182_871_13118,00.html

Cheers Magik!

I also installed AMD drivers (from that same page) and all seems rosy.

Hopefully get online flying this week finally