Are you intop Zombie flicks?

I`m not really, but have seen 28 days later and a couple of similar modern ones plus that BBC series dead Set, I think it is. I kinda like (and hate) the idea of being one of the few against impossible terrible odds…

This brings me onto Left4Dead which is a first-person shooter that plays very much like this. You have 3 AI chums and you desperately trying to survive the horde.

I must say this is a good game. Very good. It would be nice to play with friends after i`ve done singleplayer.

What I dont understand is what happened to the good ol days when zombies only walked??

p.s Unfortunately a Steam game.

I have bought it, waiting on it to download and install!

Interested in hooking up to blast zombies.

Wouldn’t worry about single player, co-op is where it’s at according to reviews I have read :slight_smile:

Lights off, headphones up… eep!

In my personal opinion, running, climbing, storming, rushing zombies is much more interesting to play against than the usual slower-than-grandma walker.:slight_smile:

Left4Dead finally puts the longed 28 Days Later feeling of fleeing for your life.
When you have 20 zombies trying to catch you, running like crazy, you jump on top of a pit, and they will crawl up from that pit, you hide in a small office, the zombies will crush the door, jump through windows, fall from the damaged roof and smash through the wall!:eek:

That’s more intense than watching them taking an hour to get on the other side of the room…:rolleyes:

Thats the thing. By playing single player (which really is good and Ai isnt that bad), I can see that multiplayer with Humans would be superlative.

What I really like is (unlike other multiplayer games) being Rambo means you die. Even if you just run around the corner and get alone. You cant have any solo independant hero wholl decide to wander off.
It makes actually WANT to keep your fellows alive.

True teamwork game.

Its not too long either. good for an hour or sos run every odd evening.

Hope you guys will be on for a run at some point.

I’ll get it too…one condition tho…
as long as the fat bloke from “Shaun Of The Dead” is on the disc :smiley:

I’m a fan of both 28 days… but I’m a wimp (see Rep’s other thread). I might download this, but how bad is it?

  1. Zombies Lake
  2. Zombies Dawn of the Dead
  3. Zombies - eek, scream like a girl, change my undies - I want my mum

Its very much 28 days, but you are one of the unlucky heroes. Its pretty scary and grim. The worse situation is when they decide to come at you like a flood or when one of them leaps at you and knocks you down while everyone else is still busy or when youre blinded and you think this is it!`.

Graphics are good (functional) and I noticed that one zombie who was attacking a friend was eerily recognisable as a young woman with an actual animated face underneath the deathly visage (at least it seemed so)! Didn`t have time to study as I blew it away.

Had a run online to see what it would be like and it`s as I thought. Took 4 attempst before a connection held, but then it was gripping stuff. You get the Rambo who thinks he can go alone, but he quickly learns to stay with the group after a while, especially since the game changes where the zombies come from everytime…

Eats up the hours.

Demo is expired so I have to buy it soon, I cant wait really!:smiley:

I finished both demo levels with another fellow on Expert, REALLY thrilling stuff!

I recommend to always have Expert, it may seem impossible, but it is just so amazingly challenging, and when you finally win, you are overjoyed lol.

But in Expert, you can really put your co-op skills to the test, you will not survive without tactics and teamwork, that’s why I love Expert.:slight_smile:

When I get this game I will be grateful to play with EAFer’s

Just gave it a quick blast to see how it was. Tried on advanced, not difficult enough. Will do expert next time.

Bloody excellent fun!

Ok, I’ll think about giving this ago, though if its too scary I’ll be playing from behind the sofa. :o

Darn, I’d love to try the demo first. Anyone know if there are still any active downloads? I had a Google and only found dead ends, pun not intended!


This has got to be good on coop…

Yes, Steams policy is just all darn wrong: Close a demo? A tool to gather people? I mean, why close down a demo who can make doubting byers to change their mind.

Now they will never know and most obvious not buy it at all.:stuck_out_tongue:

Another reason why I dont in general buy Steam games. Once you open that pack youre stuck with it even if you hate it. I took a bit of a chance getting this one, but the theme idea I was very interested in and reviews were good.

This time I was lucky.

I heard Empire Total War is on Steam, but they have an optional non-steam version on the day. We`ll see.

Well I hope we can have a couple of people on. IMHO this game is great for teaching close combat team work, checking six, covering each other, etc. Even Red Orchestra had solo rambos who sometime get impatient and run off. In this game you can`t. Well, not on Expert or even Normal.

I reckon it would help especially with Wingmen in Squads.

I’m really enjoying this. :slight_smile:

What is your steam ID, Peace?

Which squadron is playing the zombies </leading question>

Any Colin Blunstone fans in


my steam ID is jimmybob1978 if anyone wants to add me :smiley:

This isn’t some stalker you’ve picked up is it Insight? If I add Jimmybob will he be following me round t’internet for evermore? :smiley:

Lol :slight_smile:

No no, you should be fine… :slight_smile: