Anyone running win64 and PF yet?

I’m about to finnish my new puter (with AMD64) but I haven’t got my graphic card and psu yet…but most probably next week. :banana:

So will I be able to run PF, my beloved Cougar with win64 or will I run into driver problems???

Anyone tried it yet??

Maybe dual system is the right way to do it???

I’m also very interested in this Spider, though I don’t think we will see any improvement in 32 bit applications. Drivers could be a problem although I understand Nvidia have 64bit drivers ready to go.

Any early adopters in EAF?

I’m also hoping that the new dual core AMD chips will be S939 compatible which will help the lifespan of my current system.


Aye ATI have 64 bit drivers too, but I am holding off, I will let the masses do the beta testing :wink:

Haven’t decided yet but I might be your beta tester:D
Will keep you posted if I do;)

Waiting for you to take the plunge and go forward where no pilot gone before. :smiley:

Wasp told me about the upgrade/date/whatever possibility that MS offers at the moment, and I’m tempted, but not enough to risk it all. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m the voyager… :banana:

How do you get Win64?

I take it you have to buy it just like XP etc? EDIT - Yes that’s true, you have to buy XP64 or you can get a free 120 Day trial version from the microsoft site.

I think that I will upgrade to it once BOB is out and I have a dual-core CPU.


Seems like you exchange your present XP license for a XP64 license.

I know Wasp is thinking about doing it, but I don’t know if he’s decided on anything yet, think he want someone else to be the first to try it. :slight_smile:

Well, have installed XP64 on my second disk now, but didn’t have any drivers for network, etc, so haven’t actually done anything with it.

Will dl drivers etc now, but not sure there is any driver for the Cougar yet, but will look.

I read this and decided not to try it yet. Will wait until I upgrade again for BoB.


Haven’t read the article yet, but from my very brief experience I do not recommend installing XP64 just yet, there seems to be too many missing links (drivers), but they might come quick, so who knows in a couple of weeks or so.
As to our sims, I haven’t been able to test anything yet.

I gave a go to the beta 3 months ago…
Was nice, but too many problems…
No drivers for my adsl usb modem, so without internet access it was an usless pc for me…
I didn’t made exact fps testings, but at first sight PF was the same as in 32 bit…

Thanks for the link, Sterling.

Looking at the benchmarks I can’t see the point in upgrading to a (slightly) slower platform. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it remains my approach.

Thx for posting everyone!

I go for 32bit until drivers etc are there…

See u all soon.