Albatros Dr.I 1/72

Is anybody of you interested in the WWI? I am and I like biplanes and triplanes most of all. This is my last model, finished three weeks ago.

Look here:

you can see a full article about building the model and photos “step by step” :slight_smile:

Salute! Vasek

Is anybody of you interested in the WWI?

Does a bear crap in the woods :slight_smile:

Very nice work Vasek!

You can fly it in FSX (and Over Flanders Fields for CFS3) with the gennadich free addon (plane and WW1 area scenery) and KotS soon <praying> will be when we move to France. The Western Front top-hole :slight_smile:


Only if Rabbits live there mate (no loo roll you see)

Great model mate, top work. :w00t:

Astonishing! :eek:

WWI are always welcome in my eyes!:smiley:

Well done, Vasek!

Nice model there Vasek!

I always liked the Albatros, it has so elegant lines, nothing except the spandaus tell you its a war-machine.
A bit like the Spitfire :slight_smile:

Oh, Im glad you like this model. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Im sixteen and this is my the best model I have ever built. I dont use any expensive colors, I use some cheap colors that stand on a shelf in a shop near my house. I have one brush that I brought home from school…
The wooden color is made from two shades of brown. First I rubbed the model by light brown and than overrubbed it by dark brown. All the colors are mixed from brown, yellow, white and red colors.

Now Im working on 1/32 SE5a. My friend borrowed me his colors (matt Revell) and it looks more than great! :o

Very nice Vasek

The Albatros fighters are some of my favourite types, and this is a good job :slight_smile:

That would be the Fokker DR1, this is an Albatros, a rare one at that. I don’t think many flew on the western front if any.

I have flown Red Baron flight sim for 5 years and for last two years online. I love this game, its a bit old, but the people are very friendly and pleasure. And I still fly the Red Baron. I have many friends from all the world from RB, most of them are modellers and very helpful.

Look at

I have some screen shots from RB there and you can download the full game, its freeware now.

Thanks Vasek - a useful link.
AFIR, Red Baron was my first MS-DOS sim (though not my first flight sim - that was a different O/S)

It looks as though Full Canvas Jacket is no longer available :frowning:
But plenty of freeware there …

Brig, Ming
I don’t believe the Albatros Dr1 got beyond proto-type (link).
Vasek has (correctly) built this one without personal markings.

Yes, you cant find the FCJ anywhere on web today. Several people still have it in their computers, like me. The FCJ is more than 200MB large, I cant upload it to my websites. But everybody who wants it can ask me and I can upload it for example on Not many people use that, because the buildings and hangars are different from the original ones and its forbidden to use it in tourneys. But its very nice for singleplayer.

I printed just the same photo of Albatros that you sent me in the link while I was making the model. No personal markings, just a prototype…

Nice model. But no monoplanes like the Fokker E or Morane Saulnier or the Junkers?

Thanks for that info Brigs and Painter!

Rabbits = bogroll

…if you’re a bear :slight_smile:


This I like very much what is it please? Sorry for L plate rookieness chaps :slight_smile:

At this early-learning stage I don’t want to assume anything, is why I ask

I can tell that it’s not a rotary with that lovely nose and I can see what looks like cylinders of an inline er, reciprocating engine? Opposite to a rotary. Hmm they’ve both got pistons. Triplane. Tail-dragger. I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition :slight_smile:

Nice picture, thats the Albatros Dr.I. I have this photo printed by the side on the table, There are seen many details that arent shown in model plan.

Of course, I dont make biplanes and triplanes only… I have many 1/72 models from WWII and some Gripen, Harrier, F-4, F-16,…
I started making these models when I was 10, I didnt have any experiences, used basic colors…
Look at , there is also P-51 Mustang, its about one year old model.