A Weird one on TS

Had a weird experiance on TS tonight could not connect to the EAF server yet I could connect to other servers I got this message any time I tried
“No reply from server
Maybe the server is offline
or maybe teamspeak is not running on it.”
I checked all PWs and address and all were correct
Any ideas Folks:(

Sorry Redundant, worked ok for me when i checked in.

Double check your settings is about all i can suggest

I remember that happened to me as well a while back, and a few others and there were no changes to settings.

I got the gut feeling that it was a geographical issue, or was it an ISP issue. I can’t remember.

At the time, I hosted another TS server on my own PC and everyone managed to get into that.

Tried TS when got home from work and it worked fine:)

Bloody typical