A new trainer at OTU

Nepe has kindly let me post this so may I be the first to welcome F/O Marsh to the Officer Training Unit.

He is starting out as an Assistant Training officer, so basically he pays for all the drinks before the trainee gets their pay :wink:

He’s a fine friend and pilot, a font of military knowledge and I’m chuffed he’s joining us. :slight_smile:

I agree, nice one Marsh :ani_beer:

Nice one marsh i cant wate till i get shot down by u in training lol :smiley:

Welcome aboard Marsh:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Marsh! And - welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Marsh.

Drinks are on you I presume, that nice clean T/O’s bar tab of yours could with some fattening up :smiley:

Good stuff, Marsh.

The Training Officers in EAF are one of the most significant benefits in our happy group. Good luck!

Oh, and make mine a double, old chap :smiley:

Nice one Marsh… Congrats. :slight_smile:

Balaton, low level Nav-ex a speciality :smiley:

Well done Marsh. Mine’s a double. :ani_beer:


Congratulations! There can’t be enough T/O’s around to teach those ignorant and clumsy Trainee’s! I know I can use some additional training and hope to see you soon at training nights.
Proost! And for me one Heineken please.:slight_smile:

Congrats Marsh :slight_smile:

Very nice, good job Marsh!

Well done, now the real work starts


Congrats Marsh well done mate!


Gefeliciteerd Marsh! :slight_smile: :w00t:

Well done Marsh, nice one mate!


Benvenuto with crazy :roflmao:

Very nice to hear, proficiat Marsh :slight_smile:

Welcome Marsh! Well done:):):slight_smile:

Welcome Marsh :slight_smile:

The T/O nest is open for you, hope you enjoy the new job and pay :wink: