A bit of help pls

Any1 help pls I have just done the 409 it works off line but when I try to get onto HL it keeps on saying “Warning: HL cannot find game exe on this path” but the game path is good any1 help me?

Thx Zulu


Zulu, make sure that you have “forgotten battles” selected as the lobby you want to join.

This sometimes gets me, i select the correct path, save it, upon starting HL states “cannot find game executable”. All because i had some other HL game selected.

Have just done that1 mate but it happens when I enter the game path and try to save it wont even try to connect to HL I cant get that far but thanks I have been got by that1 my self.

If its not that Zulu, is it a vista permissions thing ?..

Something i know nothing about. sorry.

Perhaps trying to run HL with administrator privelidges might help ( just a guess though ).
Also, check the HL configuration file, maybe set “write protect”.

Maybe rename the exe?