4.101 List of fixes

New list of fixes for 4.11


it doesn’t mentions the spit’s trim problems

If you look in TD’s modding office you will see a large bump under the carpet Skipper…I think thats where the bug fix requests for the Spit are hiding :smiley:

Because it’s not a bug, it’s a feature

Unless you convince them that 170 mph is not the correct trimming speed for Spits.

Are they really so dense and anti-spitfire that they need convincing that 170mph was not the standard cruise speed for the Spitfire?

170mph was the recomended speed to achieve maximum range if the aircraft is lightly loaded. At heavy loads with full tanks the maximum range cruise speed could be increased to 200mph without any serious affect on range.

But of course the trim of the Spitfire is set on the ground by the ground crew and a/c could be made to trim at any speed desired by the squadron C/O. For example if a squadron finds itself flying frequent escort missions for medium bombers then perhaps the a/c would be trimmed to fly close to the 170mph, if however the squadron is flying frequent fighter sweeps then perhaps the squadron will trim its a/c to fly at higher cruise speeds.

forgot to add that data is taken from Air Ministry Publication 1565J ‘Pilots Notes for Spitfire IX, XI & XVI’ also from the fact that I’ve built and trimmed a Spitfire Mk.IX and spoken with several Spitfire pilots. Today Spitfires cruise around at 200mph or more and speeds above and below that make very very little affect on the state of the aileron trim.

Classic, with all that info and first-hand experiences, why don’t you contact Team Daidalos? Maybe then they will change it. I hope.

let me at them :smiley: