3rd place - better than a kick in the butt

I fired up the Brothers In Arms set again, with Keet’s skins, and sent a still over to Screenshot Art.

The competition was for a pure IL2 screenshort with NO editing (ta for the heads up on this, Ming). Hope you like it?

See all entries here

The winner was mdatelmi
2nd place was Jarko
3rd place was me

‘Brothers In Arms’
Slick Goodlin and John McElroy, volunteers in the IAF, 1949

congrats mate :w00t:

A couple of notes, Dear Mate…[ul]
li: you’re always the best for me! :ani_beer:[/ul][ul][/li]li: how is it, to be beaten by Italians? (Marco Datelmi is from Sondrio, Lombardy, The Alps, Italy) :D[/ul]Obviously for me your’re THE ONE! (I don’t have the faintest idea about WTF is this Marco who posted a crappy ordinary Spit…we’ve got plenty, here, but only one R.B. - aka Joe90!!):banana:[/li]

P.S.:not all of English mottos & figures of speech can be translated literally in Italian, and viceversa…

…but “Better than a kick in the butt” sounds EXACTLY as “Meglio di un calcio nel culo”: we’re definitely talking about Spiritual Twins (602 & 51) ???

congarulation mate! but what was wonderfull in other pic?

Nice one Joe!

Really nice and deserved recognition. :slight_smile:

I always liked this one you did for the forum, though I only have the small version

Nice work Joe.

Cheers all :smiley:

Keets, that thumbnail doesn’t lool so good in high res - the skin is badly distorted (needless to say it’s not your’s!)

Hey Monstter, thank goodness the phrase translates properly (I hope) - a single word in the wrong place could put a whole different meaning to a lot of phrases :o

Yours is the best m8 .


Absolutely. Nice one Joe :slight_smile:

Good work Joe!


Hey, nice one Joe. I like the way both aircraft frame the setting sun.


Good going Joe! - very nice piccy!

Nice one Joe

Dont let the voting get to you, people choose art for the oddest reasons

Hehe, artist and art lovers are very weird creatures.

But hey, I’m chuffed my flying buddies are impressed…

…but would my buddies tell me if it was crap (excepting Richy, who always speaks the ‘gods honest in yer face’ truth) :smiley:

I surely would!

Real friends don’t need tobe just flattering, do they? :smiley:

Well thanks Monstter…I think? :wink2:

By the way…do you have a video on Operation Jericho, or just those few frames in “Mossies & Tempests” (one of my favourites, with the BoB score performed by the RAF Orchestra!)?

Just click on my sig where it says ‘Joe90 Movies’. That was a cool wee mission, the first night we got the Mossie and flew in Keet’s missions all ready and waiting.