2nd Phase of EAFAT


Here we go for the 2nd phase of our EAFAT training journing. The focus of this phase, will consist basically on one thing…, faster regrouping.
For that I specified a couple of manuevers, that will split teams to diferent sides, making the regrouping a necessary task.

the manuvers are:

  • Loop
  • Barrel Roll
  • The BigHeart
  • Umbrela
  • Himmelman ( optional )

It will start on monday :slight_smile:


Good morning,

the briefing for tonight will be the first phase manuvers, with some adds from the second one.
We start with the regular takeoff split in 2 teams Alfa and Beta, rejoining in air at Diamond Formation, Turns at low speed, Split Form in 2 teams , rejoining practice.
We also will make in Diamond Formation the loop. I also wanna try a different loop…, left side of airfield, we align all in echelon right. I will make a Break and Dive to the left, and all of you will follow me on my 6 , then we make a loop all.


here ar some pics from yesteday training :slight_smile:

Nice pics m8 :slight_smile:

Sorry for yesterday chaps…, but I couldnt manage to go online. Next week Im going on vacations and Im full of work…, but I will try to be online tonight as soon as possible.