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Due to technical difficulties, Mission is still to be confirmed :frowning:


Sounds good, what we baby sitting??

Probably RE8’s

Still to be confirmed. Might be a little longer in the air tonight. We’ve got to go north to pick up the 2 seaters first

Count me in folks…

The War office is suffering some technical difficulties.

Original mission may have to be scrubbed…

More later

I now have the game!!! ICE!
Got the Pup as well as 3 others. SPAD 7, Albatross D3.
i tried some offline flying and,well, I obviously can’t, don’t know how to fly…I tried the Albatross and the F.kkr Dr1. I thought the Fkkr would be easy since they always shoot me down offline, but I was all over the sky with it, lol.
I think I have a steep learning curve ahead. Or perhaps my settings are way off? If anyone could offer some help with settings, just to make sure I’m configuring correctly.

The DRI is one of the hardest in the game. No vertical stabiliser all rudder make it very twitchy. Loads of lift and a poor roll without loads of rudder. once mastered though it is deadly in the right hands.

The Alb is a good starting point, they are fairly solid and stable fliers.

You’ll need to get in the options screens and start adjusting your joystick curves, in much the same way you can in most flight sims.

Stick with it Apollo you’ll get there. Off to work in a mo so can’t offer much help except to say have a good look on the RoF forums, there’s lots of good info there. Also have a look on YouTube for Requiems training videos, there are some excellent lessons there.

@ Brigstock, can’t make it tonight mate sorry, working a late shift again. Looking forward to eventually taken my new Camel up for a spin though!


NP, Your maiden and final flight in a Camel can wait until you get back :wink:

I’m in…

Will be in as soon after 20:30 as possible.

Won’t be there,
recovering from my wounds of last patrole.

Sorry chaps grounded for this one


Still at work, so earlier estimate of 20:30 might have been somewhat off…:frowning:

Results up at eaf92squadron.com

I’m an Ace :banana:

MC for me :slight_smile:

Thanks gents…Just played around a bit and made my input curves smoother, with a bit of response delay…That made a difference…Will take a look at the videos…

Easiest way would be to fly with us Apollo…I’ll gladly take you up for a buzz at any point, just let me know.

I WILL DO THAT. Just read some stuff from Requiem and downloaded his TIR5 files. Also read about control settings. Very useful.

Practice does make better (if not perfect). After missing Monday’s mission I wandered off over Arras on Syndicate by my lonesome (not a good idea on Syndicate if you’re still learning :D):

First attempt: Got jumped, oil on goggles, legged it home and landed in field
Second Attempt: In DF with Albatross, his wingman turned up, oil on goggles, legged it home and landed just inside our lines
Third Attempt: tried to stalk a from miles away Gotha but lost it in the sun, found an Albatross heading back from our lines and had a 5-minute full-on furball during which I stopped his engine and he killed himself trying to crash-land


Found with the Pup I was getting better at ‘dancing’ on the rudders and using the low wing-loading to run lag turns and yo-yo up so the Albi could not use his better power to get above me. Use of rudder in roll reversals is also crucial (though the Pup is well-mannered) and I was getting to within 50 yards before firing.

She does seem to climb better, especailly turming right than the heavier albie.

In the last mission, I had got separted from the main group, low down with three snapping away at me. I climbed above them slowly in a spiral and taking quick flashing shots when I could, really waiting my time. Eventually two flew off and then I emptied most of my guns into one who just kept on going. lol. Intense missions though