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Thread: Supporting EAF Servers with EAF Stuff

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    Default Supporting EAF Servers with EAF Stuff

    Yes, it's a great Group, the one we've got here...

    Support EAF TS & Forum Servers, by choosing among our selected EAF Stuff:

    The Cap:

    The EAF Cap, with your individual Callsign embroidered, in addition to EAF Badge on the front, and EAF webaddress on the back, is the gift for a 18 EUR supporting fee.

    The Mug:

    The EAF Mug, an 11 Fl.Oz. (0,33 Liter) classical Mug, is the gift for a 15 EUR supporting fee.

    The Lanyard:

    The full colour EAF Lanyard comes for a 5 EUR supporting fee.

    Ordering and shipping details from EAF51_MonsTTer.
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    Default Re: Supporting EAF Servers with EAF Stuff


    For me a cap and the mug (my own one for the office...)
    Just let me know on which account I must contribute...

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