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Thread: Networking - How to host

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    how do i do that brigs ?
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    back to step1
    "You need to look at your network connections on your PC.

    Windows Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Network Connections

    This should show you the Local Area Connection in the list of connections.

    Right click the Local Area connection and select Properties.

    This will open the Connection Properties dialog box"

    Once there you are presented with 3 tabs
    Click on "advanced" then "settings"
    That is where you can disable the windows firewall
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    I bought the Belkin F5D7230-4 (I just couldn't afford Netgear) and all is now working, apparantly. After a successful connection with TonyR with my IL2 PC, my second PC on the Internet, and the Wii on the wireless connection.

    Keets, that's a great site at which was almost perfect, except it said use TCP which didn't work. I changed to UDP and all was OK.

    Oh, as for static IP's, I tried it on DHCP first to see if it would work. According to to the router config, my IL2 PC has been given an IP address by DHCP with a lease time of 'forever'. Will this cause any problems? I'm of the school of "if it ain't broke, don't poke your grubby fingers in".

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    It depends. The lease will expire when you power off the router.

    If you plugged another IP device (e.g PC or Printer) into the router, depending on when you switch the router on and the IP device, you may get the other PC obtaining the IP address you're expecting for your IL2 PC.

    If that happens, you do step 1 above.

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    Can this thread be stickied pls

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    I have a Sky Sagemcom but cannot work out the model for the Port Forwarding proceedure, anyone know what the model might be?

    Also, I power down the whole setup when I finish. Will that undo all the settings?

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    No to the second question, you save it to its internal memory through the router's menu. Reseting a router back to defaults usually involves pressing and holding a recessed button (usually with a pencil ) until the lights start to flash.

    Marsh, are you trying to host ROF missions, if so here's some useful stuff I found surfing.

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    Thanks mate, was trying to go through the instructions this weekend, but I could not seem to find the router forwarding address bit. Should have some time on Tuesday during the day

    No chance of it messing up the internet, is here? Wife would kill me...

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    If it goes 'orrible just reset it, saying that all you trying to do is open a couple of ports through your firewall&router.
    Check google again for hosting with your modem in general, with a Sky router there must be loads of info about it.

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    Have you found your Sagem router on

    Doing a quick google search, they currently use the 2504. Here's the page settings for il2 for that router

    Does that look familiar??

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