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    Salute guys

    One of the guys I know on the battle-fields forum has been testing something out with the game. He noted that micro-pauses & a drop in frame rates happens when the IL2.EXE switches between both cores of his machine.

    We've been testing out this little theory & it seems to work for a more stable game performance.

    start IL2 as normal ... then hit CTR - ALT - DEL & bring up the task manager ... under processes locate the IL2.EXE & right click ... under set affinity set the IL2.EXE to a single core ... close down task manager & continue with the game as normal.

    you have to do the above each time you run the game, but it seems to give a more stable system online.

    try it & see what you think

    best wishes
    602RAF Menden

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    This has been discussed on SimHq aswell and they have found the same results. AFAIK the best way to run IL2 is by using a single core.
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    S! Menden

    Thx for the input both

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