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    S! Paddy
    Thanks for the info i didn't knew that.
    I will have a look on the template. Maybe its the same I used? The one ive used is downloaded from SimmersPaintshop. I did change the camouflage to fit the historical 310 Squad. and worked on the weathering.
    Actually i wanted to skip to spitfires now after some training on the hurricane, but maybe I will stay at the hurri a bit longer


    edit: im using gimp right now, but i had no problems in using the templates. I hope gimp doesn't change something to them....

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    I had to look at them now
    Great, absolutely great Templates mate!
    Especially the "Skuggor" Layer gives them a highquality, nice!
    I downloaded the too.
    Many Thanks for this wonderful work mate.

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    Thanks Paddy for the heads up.

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    I improved the skin with some layers from Paddy and some new one of me.
    The skins for Thor, Jirka, Jimik and Arturo are ready.
    Here you can see Pilot Officer Arturo:

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    Thank You! Looks really nice - how can i get it?

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    Im not sure how to upload them onto the server.....
    Baca, I don't know which Letter you will get but i will update immediately when I know
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    paf, it is very very nice, great work.
    Only one small inaccuracy I am using letter G

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    no problem in adding letters

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