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    Yesterday something strange happens in IL2 War, but maybe its allright and I don't know

    We had to attack enemy groundforces with i16-24.
    After start all were going high and taking a different heading as my plan was
    So I thought I will go my way then. I stayed low and hoped the enemy fighters won't see my green i16 directly above ground. When we were near frontline I saw fighting at high alt. I went for the ground targets at the enemy city.
    I reached the city and aa began to fire at my and I couldn't find the enemy forces. AA was too heavy to stay long time there so I tried to knock one out with my rockets but i missed
    I heard the other pilots did a good job on the enemy fighters only a few were left and I tried to get home again, thistime with no groundkill.....
    But then a aa hit my fueltank, oh NO! But i took 100% fuel and now I was happy about it. I passed the lines heading for homebase. A Bf110 appeared at 3 O'clock, he seemed to be on high speed and he tried to get at my six with a heavy turn wasting all the E he had, it was easy to get on his six and i shot one engine than he crashed into the ground. My first airkill in IL2 War.
    But my fuel was gone so I landed on a field and I exit the game.

    Later when i looked at my stats it says Im captured (MIA) and no Airkill for me!?

    So, I was pretty sure that im on friendly territory, so what happened?
    And I shot the 110 down. Do shots have to be confirmed by a second plane?


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    From time to time there is problem in Bellum based wars that parser cannot calculate your pisition correctly. There is a mistake in code and still nobody did not correct it.

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    Ok, Thanks Jirka!
    I hope it won't happen again....

    you reported you were safed when you were captured ingame. I watched at IL2War-Manual to get how it works. I see one problem, in original Il2 you could land everywhere but now it seems impossible to land without loosing the landinggear or engine/props. When I land on a field the gear seems to be ok but then the whole plane starts to jump all over the place and the plane gets so damaged i cant take-off again.....
    Am I missing something?


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    Hi Paf,

    i was indeed rescued by EAF 151 Seyou, he managed to land on a road (!) on a steep hilly terrain some hundred meters from my crash site. We waited and talked for about 10 minutes (depends how far away the rescuing plane is from the pilot to rescue) and then he managed to start on this road hillup in a bend... two things were needed in this case: very good pilot..and he was on an il2, very sturdy plane..but the trick is to land on a road, i think


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