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    It was nice mission I flew with paf on Il2 War. Our task by the briefing was to defend our attacking tanks against incomming bombers. And we had only three Il2 for it. It is not good idea to use this type of plane for something different than air-ground actions are. So I decided that it will be better to fastly destroy as much ground objects as it will be possible and fastly leave the area before bombers with cover will come. Everything goes perfectly. Maybe we did not expect so heavily defended enemy camp. But at the end we returned back with our heavy damaged IL2s from AA defense. It is nice to say to myself: "today we survived again". "Even when our mission goals were accomplished".

    We are not watching war progress on the map so much. It is as Mikke said in one of his posts. It is just coop with stats. But watching careers porgreses of our 310 is very exciting for me.

    Maybe I discovered new allure of virtual wars. On CW I never watched my score but war map only. And I was very disappointed with bad missions planning. Now everything is reversely.

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    Yes Jirka, it was great fun to come back alive. I just had a few holes on my right wing and something was missing but my plane was still handling fair and so I had not so much problems at landing but I was really relieved when i could cut my engine, we destroyed several enemy ground targets and now we are back, alive
    Even better you could land that swiss cheese you were flying. great!

    Before I was flying with Painter for the first time a VOW Mission and I scored 1 AirKill but it was only AI, but I came back alive. It was latewar western front.
    P51+P47 against Fw190+Me262. It was really not so good weather for flying everywhere low clouds and really windy at low alt. But we stayed below the clouds on the way to the target area because of these highflying 262's.
    That was not bad because when we saw bandits infront of us (black dots against white clouds) it seemed they didn't see us so we could at their six.
    After a little turning I got one down. But it was difficult fighting because of the wind and the low clouds.
    After a minute or so it became a furball and I lost SA and Painter totally so I decided to dive away from it to maybe regain a bit SA but I dived to enemy territory and at low alt the AA's were a real danger. So, back to the friendly lines. Now I lost all contacts and I headed home. Painter was also going home and was somewhat behind me. I again stayed below the clouds because of the 262 i believed is just watching from above.
    The landing was difficult because of the wind and i lost my landinggear and damaged my P47, but im alive

    Later me and Thor were flying in the pacific in Jimmis game. We had to defend the carrier with Corsairs but we didnt see an enemy at all just some AA from the ships for one moment. Later some more joined and we switched sides. So we had to sink the carrier with Betty's. (?was it the BettyBomber?)

    That was great fun, Thank you all for the missions!!!

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    The landing was difficult because of the wind and i lost my landinggear and damaged my P47, but im alive
    I could name one other EAF pilot who lost their gear landing at the end of that mission - remind me there were two of us?
    I enjoyed that mission, Paf, Congratulations on that kill

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