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    Okay, okay ... our sales department to assess your interest. The collection of 10 CDs with an amazing tutorial from Jimika guru offers 25% discount. As a bonus for your order will add a great set of tissues, which participated in BOB. Feel free to shop.

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    Good morning,
    weekend is coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paf_EAF310 View Post
    Good morning,
    weekend is coming
    And nice weather too

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    Another read for weekend good morning mates!
    Today blue skies.

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    Good morning my friends!
    I hope everybody is ok. Best weather here. Yesterday we did a short trip to the beach and it felt like holidays Today starts beautiful with a big cup of coffee, very nice weather, breakfast on the balcony and kids asleep

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    Yes, 34 degrees on both days in the weekend. It was still 28 degrees in the living room this morning. Pyama days. Living on the balcony until 1:30. It seems that monday is going to be more moderate.

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