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Thread: Hope all are doing well

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    Default Hope all are doing well

    Hi all
    just checking all are doing well this crazy days.

    i decidedy and get back to IL2....still in the proccess of installing old software and finding what patch to download etc

    saw some EAF51 guys in Hyperlobby , wow hardly anypne there this days it seems

    anyway hope to beack flying a bit soon, and hope all are well

    cheers LZ

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    Default Re: Hope all are doing well

    Oh, LedZep! Long time no see! Hope you're doing fine despite these troubling times.
    Most of us have moved away from old IL-2, some (most of us eventually) of us went to IL-2 Cliffs of Dover (CoD) when that released for a while, some to IL-2 Battle of X (BoX, Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Bodenplatte etc)series, and when CoD sort of died off some of us moved to DCS. Currently the main sims is DCS and BoX, with a few 51's still flying old IL-2 now and then.

    We have also moved the forum, this adress will be repointed to but we simply haven't come around to doing it yet. That's why there's so much dust in here. So head over to that forum and say hello there as well!

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