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Thread: Viggen Ground RADAR 2.0 - For Mikke...

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    Default Viggen Ground RADAR 2.0 - For Mikke...

    Hi Mikke,
    Check this out...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra847 View Post

    Dear All,

    The Viggen goodness continues! Thank you all for your support and encouraging words.
    Every time we see a positive post about the Viggen or someone recommending it, it makes it all worthwhile.

    Lets jump straight into two big new Viggen changes and features;

    > Introducing Heatblur Ground Radar 2.0!

    We’ve been working on a large overhaul and improvement pass of our ground radar technology!

    Since the release of the AJS 37- much has changed in DCS World, in particular in the realm of ground rendering and map technology.
    This has had unwanted effects on our ground radar - but beyond that, we also saw significant opportunities in improving the detail and performance of the sensor and correct some core deficiencies that have been around since release.

    On a tangential note and au contraire to some rumours out there: our ground radar is a true, raycasted realistic implementation of the PS-37 radar.
    We use asynchronous computing (multithreading) to achieve excellent performance and realistic levels of radar detail.
    The level of complexity of this core in-house feature is very high- but we consider it a foundational feature in the Viggen and many of our aircraft moving forwards, including the F-14 - which includes some ground mapping functionality in the Pulse radar modes.

    The initial results of our improvements are now close to complete, and we’re pleased with what we’ve been able to once again achieve. Not only for the Viggen, but for future modules and products. In the Viggen in particular, you will now be able to enjoy a much more detailed image and in general a much more useful one - especially as you’ll be able to identify key tactical or navigational elements with ease.
    This now also includes buildings, runways, bridges and other objects that have until now been completely missing.

    Our main goals with the Heatblur ground radar 2.0 were to:

    •Enhance detail and performance of the dedicated raycaster.
    Our new and improved raycaster model yields improved detail and accuracy of the radar image.
    The detail captured is now much finer and better accounts for terrain elements, ground types and other factors.
    •Make buildings, cities, objects, bridges and other terrain structures/features reflect the radar and be visible.
    You will now be able to see buildings, cities, towns and much more on the radar!
    Perhaps more importantly for a dedicated strike aircraft; you will be able to see bridges and other key tactical map features such as hangars.
    This can also be super useful for navigational fixes.
    •Make civilian traffic visible.
    Trains, static ships, parked aircraft etc. - will now be visible on the radar.
    Some of these objects are highly reflective owing to their large RCS and materials.

    •Sub-grid terrain type raycasting to accurately depict Runways and other smaller terrain features.
    We’ve enhanced our raycaster with subdivided grid based raycasting for areas that are not correctly interpolated due to their small relative size.
    You are now able to accurately detect runways and other small terrain features!
    Load up on those BK90s and get to work.
    •New terrain reflectance model and values for terrain types.
    We’ve overhauled our ground reflectance model and associated terrain type reflectance values. Different terrain types will now reflect radar energy more accurately:
    •New slope reflectivity model.
    The slope and angle of the terrain will now accurately impact the reflectivity strength of the radar energy.
    You will now be able to more easily tell the difference between steep and mild slopes through their respective radar return strengths.
    Radar energy now also more realistically falls off with distance and increase in incidence angles.
    •Enhance accuracy of the raycaster & interpolator, especially at long distance.
    We’ve improved our interpolator and corrected some core flaws which will now make the ground radar much more accurate and reliable, especially at long distances.
    You can now more easily plan out your approach using the ground mapping radar from altitude.

    We’re looking forward to launching this new version of our ground mapping radar into the Viggen next month!

    Feedback is welcome as always once you get a hands-on!

    >Multiplayer Flightplan & Strike Planning

    Another important new feature that we’ve just added in the latest patch(that has flown under the Radar somewhat) is the ability to load waypoints into your data cartridge more easily in Multiplayer by using the F10 map and user marks system.
    This way you can quickly load waypoints into your flight computer, or even auto-generate a flightplan based on a single attack waypoint automatically.

    Thanks a ton to Badjoe117 for making this video and explaining how it works!

    Check it out below and let us know what you think.
    This feature is now available in Open Beta.


    For those of you who have missed it, here was the entire latest AJS37 Changelog. Note that some of these changes are not in the live build, and will be available on the next Open Beta patch.

    DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
    •E on waypoint indicator should not show when aiming ie sidewinder lock.
    •TERNAV should not update when turned off
    •Updated RB-15 for AI definition. AI will now use the missiles properly.
    •Fix to Bk90 not being launchable in NAV-mode.
    •EP13 color inversion selectable by radar mode button (black-on-white/white-on-black).
    •Brightness and contrast control for EP13.
    •Corrected elevation boresight position for Mavericks.
    •Added encyclopedia entries for weapons.
    •New feature: cartridge from putting marks on F10 map (named B1-B9, M1-M9, BX1-BX9, R1-R9, MR1-MR9 = recon-target, or S1-S9) and selectable in kneepad. Also you can just have a marker named “ATTACK” and a quick attack flightplan will be generated.
    •EP13 altitude warning is reset if EP13 is not turned on.
    •The Boundary/GRÄNS lines are now visible again.
    •AB performance at height and speed tweaked.
    •The dumping of the sight for sidewinder carried on wingtips should now be relative to the plane and not the horizon.
    •Fixed AKAN dispersion and accuracy.
    •Fixed Sun Halo effect on canopy
    •Added glass scratches to canopy glass
    •Fixed oval-shaped afterburner flame issue
    •Slight cockpit optimization
    •Fixed afterburner flame clipping into exhaust can
    •Fixed RAT projecting through intake on left side of fuselage
    •Added Encyclopedia entries for weapons
    •Tweaked dispersion for MinGr55 shell for the AKAN m/55 gunpods.
    •Fixed pop-up point not switching to target waypoint on being passed.

    Stay tuned for more awesome Viggen stuff coming up!

    The Heatblur team

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    Default Re: Viggen Ground RADAR 2.0 - For Mikke...

    I love the comparison pictures between old and new, it will make the radar really good for land use as well. As it is it's great for use at sea, but not as helpful over land.
    I really like the dedication that Heathblur shows to the Viggen despite having their hands full with finishing the F-14 for release.

    And only $30 at the moment, it's a steal! Mram, buy it, buy it now!!

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