Recently I have been getting PC crashes due to video display problems. Now my screen from boot is covered with white dashes and streaks of pixels from other parts of the displayed image.

When I check the Device Manager the Nvidia card has a warning triangle and a message "Windows has stopped the device because it has problems (code 43)"

This basically means that Windows no longer recognizes the device, so I un-installed and re-installed with no improvement. I guess this means my video card is dead or seriously ill.

My screen settings have now changed from 1920 x 1080, 60Hz to 1280 x 1025 at 64 Hz at best and I can't get back to the previous settings.

My Nvidia control panel disappeared from the task bar lower right so I loaded up the latest Nvidia GeForce Game Ready user interface and the latest drivers for my Ge Force GTX570 - to no avail.

I also checked the windows display drivers and I seem to have the latest update (22/05/2018).

Any ideas