While some improvements have been made, with others under development, we still get "flaming" wings under some circumstances (like touching wings on the runway).
Anyway for the fun here are a few screenshots to illustrate progress on the damage model.

Wing damage from a dogfight : Screen_180625_214840.jpg
Worse damage from a dogfight : Screen_180903_214927.jpg
Light damage from AAA : Screen_180927_231436.jpg
When you get hit by a Sidewinder. Screen_181018_224831.jpg I got it back to base, but due to flap damage landed without and burst a tyre. The a/c nosed over after veering off the runway. Note the three tailwheel fuselage sections !
Surprisingly I was able to repair this aircraft. Shot taken during process which is not yet completed. It has just been lifted up and turned upright and is being lowered to the ground: Screen_181018_225055.jpg