a mod that I found maybe can be useful to somebody

- Simplified canopy glass shader*
- "Emulation" for the OpenVR hidden area mesh (not rendering area which you cannot see)**
- MSAA is applied only on the middle area of view in VR***
- Disabled histogram calculation
- Disabled bloom
- Simple tonemapping (doesn't do much of anything, you may need to adjust gamma more often)
- Disabled blur compute shaders
- Removed resolveDepth shaders
- Removed some refractions shader (not sure what it did)
- Simplified grass rendering
- Disabled atmosphere for things close to camera
- Removed one GBuffer entirely for bandwidth savings (AO and emissivity are packed in same channel, cannot exist together)
- Slight mip bias adjustment for text rendering (sharper text)
- Reduced shadow PCF maximum sample count from 32 to 10
- Disabled color grading
- Sun flare hidden (it no longer worked right, possibly due to removal of resolveDepth)