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Thread: Flying is coming home!

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    Default Flying is coming home!

    Well EAF, after a long and very hot summer break, it warmed my cockles further to see so many pilots both in 41 & 51 flying last night. 41 and 51 were at the same task, getting to grips with the WW2 props and after a long spell flying the wonderful Harrier, it was a challenge!!

    I know some of the lads in 41 have been doing this for a while, so thanks for the patience as the rest try and catch up. OD's server and mission worked well with bombing targets and tough AI. This is the perfect type of mission pre a campaign flight and obviously for training. With SOW now flight testing its campaign series, we should have something to get our teeth into again.

    Hopefully we can get on the same training server with whispers and work together like we did before in SOW. One for Jimmi and me to try and make happen, with help..OD

    S! gents

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    Default Re: Flying is coming home!

    Dah, missed it! Will be on Thursday

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    Default Re: Flying is coming home!

    I’ll see if I can make some improvements to the map. That one was quickly knocked up to serve a purpose, but I’ve learnt a few more things since so I can look to incorporate them.

    I can make it so that certain units can be requested by Training Officers through the F-10 menu and I’ll make sure the navigation element actually works (currently it does not seem to). I’ll add more Spitfires in as well, and include the Clipped Wing version.

    It was good to see so many in DCS last night, all in WW2 aircraft too. Was very enjoyable.

    Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to he was sane and had to.
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    Because the 51 boys are not up to date with the new modules Normandy Map and WWII Assets, I was thinking of digging up and updating and old mission that I built on the Caucasus map with no WWII assets. Then we could all fly & train together on the same map, especially as the SoW campaign looks as if it's going to be on that map.

    I'll do some mods and testing, hopefully in time for Thursday.

    I was thinking of setting up soft static and moving ground/sea targets plus some Bf109's and Fw190's to play with.
    On allied i'll make available Spits and TF-51, P-51.
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    Default Re: Flying is coming home!

    Yeah! I’m super happy!
    And also the forum has come back alive! (Working hard to test a forum upgrade tough! Test Forum is up and running! More in a separate thread next ready, still fiddling with it! Did you know that in discourse you can just drag and drop pictures to upload them in a thread? Sounds easy? It is!)

    in 51 we are working on take offs, landings, cem, navigation and we started with ground attacks and first dogfights!
    All in caucasus map!
    At the same time we are working in setting up a spare pc to host missions! (Key point for future campaigns)
    next stage will be stats...
    give us some more time to complete tests, than we can organize something all together!
    so we can share the workload to host new missions between 41 and 51!

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