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Thread: First -262 / -47 in-game shots

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    Default First -262 / -47 in-game shots

    Cannot wait to see them over a snowy Ardennes landscape

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    Love the view from the P47 bubble canopy. Shame they didn't model late Spit MkIX/XVI's with teardrop canopy, which started to equip units just before Bodenplatte.
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    Tempest, my friend!

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    It is really nice to see their progress. Especially on the modelling of the guns.
    But like Marsh I am looking forward to the Tempest ....and the P-38
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    Shame ED have been so slow on their WW2 efforts, as BoBp has left a luverly gap that they could have filled between Southern England and Paris with Typhoons and Mossies.

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