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Thread: Request for ground crew status

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    W/C ret., ex X/O of the EAF Bear_EAF51's Avatar
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    Default Request for ground crew status

    Dear all

    Since long time I am not showing either in the forum as well as on flying nights.
    A lot of things have changed in my life during the past years:
    - Four years ago, I had a skiing accident on a glacier in Switzerland, in which I broke my right homer and I had a shoulder dislocation (by the way: after a lot of physiotherapy I am ok now).
    - A little more than 3 years ago I become grandfather of a little girl named Anna, that makes my life even more busy
    - End of January this year I quit my job in the company where I have been working during last 20 years as deputy general manager. I managed a good agreement for an advanced retirement, satisfactory for both parts.
    - In the mean time I started my own activity as management and organization consultant. I am now 63 YO and next year I will be officially retired, even though I believe I will continue my part-time consultancy activity. I also started teaching at the university on a master in International Marketing Management for foreigner students (in English)
    I am also quite busy in the family as together with my wife we must take care about my 84 YO mother in law

    All the above things altogether took me out from flight simulation and the EAF.

    For the above-mentioned reasons, I asked to resign from the HQ and to remove me from the role of XO of the EAF and from the role of the website admin.

    The past 18 years with the EAF have been terrific, with a lot of fun and the possibility to know interesting people. I was the first Italian pilot within the EAF, and in November 2000 I started to build up the EAF51, the first Italian Spitfire Squadron in the flying simulator community. It has been an honor, and a lot of fun.

    I am keeping alive my interest for everything that is flying: I go sometimes to air shows, I still read books and visit airplanes museum. But as a matter of fact, I am not finding time for flying simulation. Nevertheless, I would like to stay in contact with the EAF tribe, and particularly with the fellow Italian pilots of EAF51. Therefore, I asked to be assigned to the role of Ground Crew.

    I still own my joystick, throttles, pedals, and TrackIR, and who knows… maybe sometimes somewhere I will be sitting again in the cockpit. (Jimmy recommended me to download DCS…)

    Long life to the EAF family!


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    Default Re: Request for ground crew status

    I hope we will see you from time to time, and once retired you should have plenty of time to fly!

    "The more thy sweat in training,
    The less thy bleed in combat!"

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    Default Re: Request for ground crew status

    It was an it is an honour to partecipate to your squad.
    You named it "Band of Brothers" and the "Band" is forever.

    I also for many reasons actually don't fly online, but EAFers for one time is EAFers forever.

    Thank you to exist Commader!
    I'll see you soon (Bologna?)
    51° Stormo EAF "Italo Sapienza"

    "Par delicatesse ja'i perdu ma vie"

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    Default Re: Request for ground crew status

    Good luck Bear, and i hope to see you in cockpit when in full RL retirement!

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    W/C of 51° Stormo, T/O Jimmi EAF51's Avatar
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    Default Re: Request for ground crew status

    We struggle every day to keep up your excellent work!
    Probably we are not up to the task, but we try hard!
    We’ll try to keep EAF in shape in case you’ll want to fly with

    in the meantime we’lllfly safe having you as a ground crew servicing our spits!


    VEF - Bellum- Seow Marianes - Seow Crete - Seow Stalingrad -Seow Med MultiSector NE Africa/Nw Malta - SOW I II III & IV
    155º Gruppo 51º Stormo
    We will intercept them, shoot them down and drink some grappa afterwards! Woah!

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    Flt/Lt, X/O of OTU Apollo_EAF331's Avatar
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    Default Re: Request for ground crew status

    It was my pleasure to meet and spend time with you a few years ago Bear. I hope to do it again in the future.
    Be well and stay interested in aviation.


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    Default Re: Request for ground crew status

    Hi Bear
    Thanks for all your work your have done for us as well as your patience with me :-)
    Should you feel like it we will always a spare Spitfire for you.
    "....Perspective only comes from knowing more than you need to know"
    - Chris Kubasik
    "But ignorence still prevails" -Starfire

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    Default Re: Request for ground crew status

    We can't bear to lose you !
    As ground crew you will probably have the rank of a senior Intelligence Officer.
    "Sit and spin the fire". Extract from Topsy Turvey Land, a poem by William Brighty Rands.
    "In the bar everyone knows what they should have done - the problem is in applying it in the heat of the action". F Barthe RIP

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    Default Re: Request for ground crew status

    Dear Bear!

    I thought about you often and hoped everything was ok.

    Now, I thank you for all your fine input into this great EAF family, to which you always will belong.

    I wish you and your loved ones all the best.

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    Default Re: Request for ground crew status

    Ciao Antonio!
    I will never be able to thank you enough for letting me discover the WW2 aerial simulation and EAF group.
    As usual, even if in ground crew status, your presence behind this family is always there.
    All the best for you and your beloved.


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