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    Now this could be very interesting, imagine driving tanks with our own air support....

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    I think it's due for early access soon, but it's not out for pre-order, from what I have read:
    I'm keen to give it a go! It will work with VR, unlike DCS Combined Arms (at present)

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    Me, Sunde and Apollo tried it on some server with available tanks and it was very nice, being bombed and attacked while in tank is something special.

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    Although I have no idea how this will affect the game, I find the concept thrilling. SEOW tried a similar thing with a Kubelwagen and a Jeep. The driving model was taken from a aircraft taxi which made it easy to destroy the vehicle or get it stuck. The idea was to scout from the ground. I tested it and found it fun, but driving in a terrain with sharp climbs and depressions did ruin the immersion.
    BoS have a lot nicer grafics which adds a lot to the immersion.

    I would really like to see a wheelbased scouting vehicles for BoS.
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