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Thread: Il-2 virtual pilots documentary

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    Default Il-2 virtual pilots documentary

    'For many WW2 - is still going on - ONLINE'

    Also available on Amazon Prime...

    It's a damn good job they're in the RAF, otherwise they'd be all out there blowing up banks. (Derek Robinson, 'Piece of Cake')

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    So they actually finished the film!
    I was filmed a whole day by a polish guy living in Sweden for that film, back in 2010 I think it was, but I suspect I never made it into the film. But I do recognize parts from already filmed material that he showed me when he visited.
    I'm happy to see that they managed to finish it nonetheless, flashback to the IL-2 days!

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    Default Re: Il-2 virtual pilots documentary

    Interesting to note that the guy opposite may take the game much more seriously than us !
    "Sit and spin the fire". Extract from Topsy Turvey Land, a poem by William Brighty Rands.
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    Default Re: Il-2 virtual pilots documentary

    After my interview with those guys, we talked a bit about their interviews and I was astonished by their stories.
    Some of the virtual pilots was way to serious for my taste. There was a lot of loathing and hatred going on which explains why we see chute killing and suicide behavior.
    "....Perspective only comes from knowing more than you need to know"
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    Default Re: Il-2 virtual pilots documentary

    I wasn't interesting { insert mental } enough for them, although I did show off me drawings and got a free meal out of them lol! They came down to me after they had been up at Joe's hoose, he filled them full of whisky and sent them driving down to Ayrshire { Well maybe he didn't, but it sounds much better }

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    Agree on some of these guys being way too intense.

    Obviously in SEOW or Storm of War then it sometimes gets a bit personal - especially if one side perceives the other is cheating or 'gaming' the rules to get an advantage.

    End of the day we are all united by a common interest in aviation & history - and an awareness that up there there are 'bastards and suckers' as Derek Robinson puts it.

    It's a damn good job they're in the RAF, otherwise they'd be all out there blowing up banks. (Derek Robinson, 'Piece of Cake')

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    Default Re: Il-2 virtual pilots documentary

    I don't think Storm of War got too personal, though we did make a point of going for JG4...just because. We did a Scorched Earth Campaign against an RCAF squad and that was great, but it was a friendly thing, so no issues there either. The people I've seen in this are a bit OTT from what I can see. I'm guessing they started making this quite some time ago with it being 1946 and not Cliffs or BoX. I can't see it being a hit production! I'll finish watching it though.

    I think we all, secretly, know that there are people like this in the servers that we go into. You can see them on YouTube quite often, and I bet JG4 or ATAG may be examples, in some instances; not all obviously!

    I'll finish watching it later!
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