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    Apropos of a thread about further EF aircraft (which most considered dead in the water given BoBp), His Jason-ness responded:

    Of course there will be other Eastern Front planes. We have no plans to abandon that type of content even with current announcements. The Po-2 and Li-2 are already announced. We know you want the Yak-9 and Yak-3 etc.
    Interesting, given the huge load of work that they have announced. A Yak-9 could be released to coincide with the Tank Krew / Prokhorovka effort, but otherwise these would be standalone (and I do not see how a Yak-3 could really make it in to the game at present).

    No DD today, but Spit IX or G-14 still seem likely by end of month.

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    The Spitfire mk.ix is interesting and could help make some ETO missions. It is a shame that the haven't made the Hurricane, but not surprising.

    To me the most interesting and sought after aircraft of all the ones you have mention is the Russian equivalent of the C-47 Dakota. The lack of a Russian transport / para aircraft makes mission makers allow the Pe2/He111/Ju88 combo. The Ju52 are still there but very few people use it as it is slow and almost unarmed.
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