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Thread: 2.5 Stable now

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    Default 2.5 Stable now

    According to ED..

    DCS 2.5 with new Caucasus map is available for public now!

    Looking forward to updating now. Separate NTTR + Normandy Alpha will be deleted right after it copies stuff over?

    Given that DCS has an annoying habit of sticking stuff (missions, campaigns/skins) all over the shop (think I have about 4 different /Bazzar folders) any tips for ensuring skins/settings/missions etc don't get lost in this update?

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    I'm downloading, but will be keeping the Open Beta as it is where all the updates go first. We need to get you in the WhatsApp group Flash...if you PM me your mobile number we'll get you added.

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    Default Re: 2.5 Stable now


    I first deactivated all the modules, then removed the 2 DCS versions I had and install the 2.5.

    All looking good, controls and user log file.

    Now I only need to fly!!!

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    Good news, the rolling map is being tested, if all ok it’s being released on the next update

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