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    For Christmas I was given a Spitfire "bomber" jacket.

    It's a fairly straightforward "bum freezer" but it has got embroidered patches of Pierre Closterman's Mk IX Spitfire LO-D on the back, a 602 squadron crest on the heart and RAF wings on the left shoulder.

    Here's the link for the unconditional 602 boys :

    You need to go into the Aeronautique section
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    Lucky you, i've got socks!
    Wanna swap?

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    I got a new monicle!
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    Quote Originally Posted by EAF79_OD View Post
    I got a new monicle!
    Lol, with gunsight!

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    I like this, but it's a bit too expensive. I have to start putting the money aside.

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