I've been hearing about different problems with losing settings and controllers so thought I'd get a list of what issues and hopefully fixes. Please feel free to add anything else useful. -

Barone wrote:
My installation went well. But I still can't change and save my ammo belts. Don't know why.
I made some trials of the game (startup, taxi, take off, combat, landing, etc)... Mmm... I'll wait for a squadron flight for giving a final judgement.

Kling wrote: - If you still have the old "softclub" folder with the "il2 sturmovik cliffs of dover-MOD" folder inside, you can simply copy/paste the user.ini to the other folder called "il2 sturmovik cliffs of dover" (without MOD appeneded)
Reddog wrote: I've just discovered that disconnecting your joystick/peripherals means you lose all your key binds. They're still in your confuser.ini, but they don't work and they don't show in game at all - Interestingly, if you just try map each controller once, note down the ID, don't save/apply and then close down Blitz, you can open your confuser file, find and replace the old id for new id in notepad/notepad++ save it, relaunch blitz and presto. It all works again.