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Thread: Announcing:EAF Top Fighter Element Competition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe90 EAF602 View Post
    Looks like a load of fun if I can get flying again, and by the sounds of it things are coming together again with a good sim?

    Any advice on what I need to get set up would be most appreciated. EG, what BoX games would I need to buy to fly and can I start with just one?

    Thumbs up to the OTU for setting this up
    Check planeset of each expansion and pick one with planes you like the most.
    Overall best title to start with is BoS taking in consideration planes that are most competitive and most flown online, but that is just my opinion.
    From collector planes: fw190a3 and yak1b

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    With the Premium edition you usually get 2 extra aircraft for the price of one. Compared when you buy them separately.
    If you like fighters, the Yak-1b is a dream to fly as an Allied pilot.
    The FW190 is an acquired taste.
    Since I drink both Bowmore and Lagavulin, I am quite sure that you won't use much guessing to what I fly when I can :-)
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    - Chris Kubasik
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    lol, those certainly are acquired tastes. I'm a Vodka man, so Russian for me I think to start, thanks for the recommendation, Ribbon. least until the planeset I see is coming in Ardennes.

    Sign me up for the tournament please but only as a spare for now. And I'll be asking for some training help too once I get past the basics, dear OTU.

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    YESSS! Joe is back! Good to see you Skipper!

    NB: Kuban has (possibly nicest scenery) and the Spit VB....

    It's a damn good job they're in the RAF, otherwise they'd be all out there blowing up banks. (Derek Robinson, 'Piece of Cake')

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    I love the SpitVb but it’s not as competitive as the Yak1b but I’m just setup for wing mounted guns and it’s a Spitfire with twin cannons for god sake. Nuff said.

    Kuban is beautiful with the sea and snow topped mountains, really an excellent map.

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