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    Smile Hello!

    Hello guys i just joined EAF. My name is Francesco (Tiger_Hunter22) i'm 17 years old and i come from Switzerland(the Italian part),now i live in the UK. I love history, especially WWII history,i like anything from the vehicles and weapons used to the battle fought. I have just recently started playing IL-2 so i'm not too great, but i hope to get better with time.

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    welcome Francesco!

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    Welcome Tiger..from sunny Scotland

    Looking forward to flying with you

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    Welcome! From God’s own County! (Yorkshire!) it will be good to fly with you!
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    Hi Francesco, welcome here, do you also speak italian?

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    Welcome Tiger

    We have a great training program and very good and patient instructors, so you will get all the help you need to become proficient.

    Look forward to flying with you
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    Welcome to the EAF Francesco.
    It was most fun flying with you the other day. With a little time and patience we will turn you into the Terror of the skies!

    The other day was a nice intro to EAF playing around. We tend to fly a bit more disciplined when fighting against other squads.
    Do not expect training to be so relaxed.
    If you want to learn, we will be very happy to teach you and you will need to put in some work. But I'm sure you will be happy with the result.

    See you online.


    Erik, aka Apollo

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    Ciao Tigerhunter! Benvenuto!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EAF51_Sir View Post
    Hi Francesco, welcome here, do you also speak italian?
    Yes he does

    Tiger_Hunter have decided to join us. I have already received his application to join us.
    We are till waiting for all the paperwork to go through, but his training have already begun.

    Although Tiger speaks English fluently, he have requested an Italian speaking training officer.
    So for some of the Training officers in 51, this will be a good opportunity to brush off the dust and get reacquainted with the basics.

    Welcome again, Tiger hunter
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    Benvenuto francesco!
    S! bianco2

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