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Thread: Video of Topsy's Spitfire Sim cockpit system

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    Default Video of Topsy's Spitfire Sim cockpit system

    In addition to re-painting the shutters of my country home I also found time to continue work on the Spit Sim Project.

    I completed most of the wiring and fitting of the electrical components to the spade grip and control column. My brother in law has been busy with setting up the Arduino chipset as a game controller - the next step being to plug my wiring into the chipset and test the functions. This should happen next week !

    In the meantime I had to find a way to install the Radio Remote Controller unit above the throttle quadrant and at the correct angle. I ended up doing the same as in a real Spit, i.e. the controller unit is attached directly to the cockpit coaming just forward of frame 9. So yes I built a bit of cockpit coaming out of plywood and wooden stringers. To ensure the correct curvature I also mad a cut out of the instrument panel. This will be mostly cut away in the production version to allow pilots to see their monitors, but I would like to try and keep the left hand side and bottom part of the panel, as this is where the nav lights switch, flap lever, magneto switches, coil & boost buttons, fuel cock lever and ki-gas primer are located and it would be nice to add these to the kit at a later date.

    Have posted a video on Youtube :
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