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Thread: Greetings from the Swedish woods

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    Quote Originally Posted by EAF331_Hans View Post
    Thanks for your warm welcome!

    Oh well, BOS is running stable now with my Nvidia 1060 (MSI), Teamspeak is configured and ready.
    Now I am only waiting for my new TIR to arrive here, it came to Malmo this afternoon (I only missed the hat and clip, but bought a new anyway...)

    Two questions:
    1) What are the usual flying days?
    2) How do I find the EAF training server? (I guess I can get help via TS)

    @Mikke I remember your great shooting skills, you could hit anything from any angle. I guess you will never loose your feel for that, even after a rest
    Hi Hans!
    I'm still just a trainee so i can tell you only what i know so far. Mondays and thursdays are still a go, guys training me in BoS, there is a EAF server with a password that Starfire manages. We also fly on Finnish virtual pilots server and Berloga for dogfight practice.
    I don't know do they play Clod and DCS lately, somebody else should answer you that.
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