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    ~S~ Chaps...

    Anyone interested in taking part in an ATAG air racing evening then please see this thread...

    Looks like a late Friday evening event so that those in the USA and also Australia can take part.

    No date as to when yet.

    Please post on the ATAG forums if you are interested?


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    Mmm.....which plane?

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    There is £50 worth of Amazon vouchers up for grabs!

    Only 12 slots, only a few left...

    Date and Time, 18th August 2200 UTC (11pm UK time)

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    No offence mate... but 11 o clock.. the only racing I'll be doing at that time will be to the piss house after a good bevvy

    Target 4 'o' clock low

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    LOL! No offence taken.

    Reason for doing it at that time is so that the Aussie's can join in, as well as those in Europe and northern America.

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    Holy shit, you need to look at this...

    Video of the race circuit!

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    Looks good!
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