Just for the historical fun, here is the 2nd TAF Order of Battle with details of units initially based at Ford including 3 EAF Squadrons. Our other EAF squadron 322 Dutch (3W) operated out of Selsey.
(Source : www3.sympatico.ca/angels_eight/2tac.html)

83 Group (AVM Harry Broadhurst)
N°15 Sector

125 Wing - (Wing moved to B11 Longues-sur-Mer on 25th June)
132 Squadron (FF) Spitfire MkIX
453 Australian Squadron (FU) Spitfire MkIX
602 Squadron (LO) Spitfire MkIX (for our EAF friends from north of the border !)

144 Canadian Wing (W/C Jonny Johnson) - (Wing moved to B3 Sainte Croix-sur-Mer on 15th June)
441 Canadian Squadron (9G) Spitfire MkIX
442 Canadian Squadron (Y2) Spitfire MkIX
443 Canadian Squadron (2I) Spitfire MkIX

84 Group (AVM L Brown)
N° 18 Sector

132 (Norwegian) Wing (W/C Rolf Berg)(for our scandinavian pilots !)
66 Squadron (LZ) Spitfire MkIX
127 Squadron (9N) Spitfire MkIX
331 Norwegian Squadron (FN) - Moved to B16 Villons-les-Buissons on 30th August
332 Norwegian Squadron (AH) - Moved to B16 Villons-les-Buissons on 20th August

NB Villons-les-Buisson airfield is not shown on the DCS Normandy map, but was located halfway between Beny-sur-Mer and Carpiquet airfields grid XV85 KP6