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    Just a short post to say that I recently experienced some key assignment issues with push to talk after having updated TS and the TS Notifier plugin.
    Having spent hours on forums etc I ended up downloading and re-installing the latest versions of both and realized that it is not possible to assign joystick controls to PTT if plugins such as Gamepad and Joystick Hotkey Support are not activated in the Options/Add-Ons menu. I know it sounds obvious, but at one point from a forum it advised to deactivate the plug-ins and to set up key bindings in the hot-key pane. Only this doesn't work whatever boxes one selects if the aforesaid plugin is not activated.

    I trust this will save some other poor bod a couple of hours in fiddling with settings and wasting time on other forums.
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    Angry Re: TS and TS Notifier

    I lost the ability to use DX buttons after the Cloud update.
    It seems that we are not alone in having this issue. This is a really Fu..Up as all my TS integration was done by DX buttons (joystick buttons).
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