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Thread: New WW2 combat sim in development!

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    Default New WW2 combat sim in development!

    In the words of Yoda "No, there is another"

    The guys behind WW1 Wings Over Flanders Fields are now working on a Western Front WW2 sim from Battle of France onwards....!

    Wings Over The Reich

    First phase in Q4 2017. If its WOFF then it might be SP only, but still a mouthwatering prospect.

    (Seems amazing that in 2016, if you want to replicate 8th AF missions and escort B-17s in Mustangs you are either forced to flying a 15-year old sim (with HSFX etc mods) or fly the P-51 over Georgia with modded B-17s. Or the tiny maps in War Thunder...)

    It's a damn good job they're in the RAF, otherwise they'd be all out there blowing up banks. (Derek Robinson, 'Piece of Cake')

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    Default Re: New WW2 combat sim in development!

    Has anyone tried WOFF yet... looked at a few vids on utube, and must admit it looks pretty good, don't know what the flight models like though

    Target 4 'o' clock low

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