Man, but am I out of practice!

Got on late, just caught 51 at the end of the training but stayed on ATAG when they called it a night. Managed to break a Spit prop on take-off but respawned and headed out of Hornchurch (I think). Another Spit is flying some aero (so it seems) and I wander over to have a look - suddenly a rapid 109 appears so we dice for a bit until his (totally unseen) wingman pops a few in my rear fuselage. Other Spit fires a burst and both 109s bugger off, 1 trailing coolant. I head after the damaged one but the other Spit overtakes me and fires - misses - I end up in a rolling scissors with the German and get a short burst on his wing; he disappears in to a cold-looking Channel. Look around for my erstwhile wingman and spot him fighting the other 109 and also holes his radiator. I form on his wing to cover as he finishes him but the Boshe wont quit and is bunting whenever the Spit gets near. I stay back but after a few passes decide to have a go - first burst sets him all aflame and he takes to his 'chute.

Wander home and make a bumpy landing, feeling quite pleased with myself - also because I had pre-saved my guns with no tracer so I could afford to miss without the 109s seeing my firing