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I reckon CoD will develop in the coming months for some variety, but I do miss the big campaign and missions with a real purpose with loads of variety too in SEOW.

I'd happily fly some IL2 if we got a good SEOW going again (like the one we're talking about in the war room!). What about holding on to at least your TIR, Charlie, that's probably the essential? And you can get by on IL2 with just a joystick, keyboard and mouse. That's all I've ever used
I'm out sim for 8 years and also internet connection, I've tryed to find some of good in the new flightsim generation but i don't agree with this new rules because is became a business much expensive.
I told that COD was damned bugged and it is!
BOS is for rich and poors with rule of add some plane as extras
I put long time ago the idea for DCS module and they have done but each plane cost as a singol game, each simmer need to upgrade PC, periferic like stick , TIR for realy enjoy and now with all this plane the comunity don't have a good scenario, seems flight simulator.
My mind still remain at il-2 SEOW, less realism but more fun!