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Thread: Any BOM or BOS flyers

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    I flew BoS online over the weekend. A good server to begin with is called Wings Of Liberty. I had a good ping to it and it run nice and smooth with over 50 players both dogfighting and ground pounding.

    I will be in there again tonight from around 20:30.

    Hope to see you later.

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    Is it full real btw Charlie, I haven't setup all my controls just yet, just been practicing takesoffs and landings.

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    Should be on around 9:00.

    This sounds worth checking as well:

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    Will try to join and fly with you. Though I am reinstalling it on my new PC, haven't played it for over a year now. So have to assign all the buttons and sliders again.

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    I'm guessing its custom Swoop. Like many of us, I only ever fly full real even if the server has relaxed settings. The only thing I did notice is when I opened the map I could see all aircraft icons including my own on the radar so I think the minimap option must have been on.

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    Think I just missed you, Charlie. Flew Liberty but could not see anything to blow up - was the new Velkie Lukie map and I had no idea where stuff was

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    I apologise for that Marsh. I flew alone for just over an hour and admit the targets are very difficult to spot so I ended up in a Yak fighting with 109's instead

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    No worries, mate - I did not get on until around 9:45.

    The new map is really stunning - much better detail and sense of life than the Stalingrad one. I just wish it was a summer season...

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    Hey Charlie & Ed, I was on the SOW TS but popped back to ours later but didn't see anyone so sacked it after running out of fuel with the white cliffs in the distant. Least it was in a Hurricane.

    Ed I'm not sure if you have the SOW TS details, but check in the War room stickies otherwise.

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    No worries Swoop. I knew the addiction to "clodrophenia" would prevail.

    I can fly BoS next Monday if anyone fancies it. The wings of liberty server is very new ground to me. The attraction there was over 50 players.

    I know the Syndicate server map much better and it has a lot more targets. The only downside is that not many seem to be in the server now a days.
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