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Thread: Occulus Rift?

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    The problem is that only DCS has support right now.
    BoS is out, it will never support OR because they continue to develop in DX9 which OR does not support.

    CloD has a chance, but only if TF pick it up. They have said they don't see it as necessary right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swoop EAF19 View Post
    Nepe I believe with DCS, the res isn't there yet but with the crystal cove, this should be much better. I bet you'll need a decent card to. Early days though. Cod doesn't support it but BOS is meant to but not implemented from what I've heard.
    BOS can't even if they wanted to, OR dropped support for DX9, and BOS is DX9 (unfortunately but 777 seem to be stuck in the past as far as graphics goes - They did pull out maximum from DX9 by the looks of the game, but that will look pretty bad 5 years from now compared to DX12 games that will also run faster).
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